Welcome to the Wildlife Capital of Newfoundland!

Some come for adventure. Some come for the challenge of the hunt. Some come for the lure of the trophy. Some even come for the escape. No matter why you come to Lake Douglas Lodge, you will be sure to return....for the great hunts, beautiful vistas, home-cooking, friendly hospitality, excellent accommodations, and incomparable experience.

Welcome to Lake Douglas Hunting and Fishing Inc!

This is truly getting away from it all. Lake Douglas Hunting and Fishing Inc is located on the pristine island of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic, Canada.  Our hunting lodge is situated in the centre of the island, deep in the Newfoundland wild, a true hunter’s paradise. The nearest community  is miles away which leaves us close enough to the necessary amenities but far enough away that our neighbours are the Newfoundland moose, Newfoundland caribou, Newfoundland bears, rabbits, birds and other wildlife that inhabit the area. Escape to the centre of Newfoundland and see what adventure awaits you at Lake Douglas lodge!


Moose Hunting at Lake Douglas Lodge Outfitters Newfoundland.
Filmed by Sportsman of North America (posted Jan, 2012) >
*Woods N' Water TV at Lake Douglas Hunting & Fishing. Kate and Peter Fiduccia head to central Newfoundland to hunt moose at Lake Douglas Hunting & Fishing (posted Jan, 2012) >



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